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Created by teamgrau

teamgrau is a team of students of Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin and Berlin University of Arts in the context of a software project on Human Centered Computing.


We proudly present Altourism. Altourism will be an Android app for people who want to break out of the well known trails. It should make tourism fun again with an approach by making sightseeing a game. Your city of choice will be covered in fog at the beginning but will yield so you can track your way through the city. But why should you do that. Altourism has stories, fun facts and secret places imbedded into it's map of the city. These wait to be unlocked by you by visiting it in the real world.

Authors and Contributors

teamgrau consists of mix of students from Berlin Frei Universit├Ąt Berlin (FU) and Berlin University of Arts (UdK). Namely Valerian Blos (@valerianBlos UdK), Simon Wichman (@cellard0or FU) and Thomas Eichinger (@thomaseichinger FU).

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